All onsite registrants are invited to our banquet on December 15, 6:30pm (without any additional charges).

The banquet takes place at a hall in Yushima Tenmangu (Yushima Tenjin Shrine) devoted to scholarship and learning, the best place for ACM Multimedia Asia 2022.

(Sorry the website is only in Japanese)

This ancient shrine, founded in AC458, is located close to the conference venue (roughly a 20-min walk) with a rigorous and clean atmosphere.

You may enjoy a 20-min walk from the conference venue to the banquet venue or use a subway for quicker access.

By walk

After you exit from the campus onto Hogo Street, go straight down to the intersection of Hongo 3, and make a left turn. After a roughly 600-meter walk, you will find an intersection “Yushimatenjin Shrine”. Make a right turn toward a Torii (an entrance to the shrine, please see the Google Maps below). You can find the banquet hall (参集殿) in the shrine.


(If you prefer not to walk, you may go to Nezu Station by a 10-minute walk and take Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line to Yushima Station.)

After you exit from Yashima Station through Exit 3 onto Kasuga Street and head west, you can find a Trii (an entrance to the shrine) on your left (there are stairs). You can find the banquet hall (参集殿) in the shrine.